Warriors all-stars full dlc pc download free steam crack torrent version hack and slash fighting anime

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    in every school, or neighborhood, there’s at least one tough hero guy …and girl, being a bully warrior has definteley some practical advantages but in vain if you are not the best and cruelest

    battle of heroes where everyone is the lead! The very first all-star title of Koei Tecmo. The rousing action essential to “Warriors” series is powered up with new elements, such as open scenarios and multiple endings! Impressive assembly of 30 characters backed up by the original voice actors, and action that combines both familiar traits of the original series and new exiting elements like “Musou Rush”. Furthermore, each character and their progression are drawn vividly, through special strengths and effects, known as “Hero Skills,” and the ways story and interactions change based on the battles they fight. http://store.steampowered.com/app/610190/WARRIORS_ALLSTARS/

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    – languages: English, Japanese, Korean

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