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    you wanted to be special, and that has a heavy price, you belived in a sort of fantasy luck, and that is also very costly and risky, but we won’t let you choose, you have no idea how these things works in your brain, and offers you a free chance to make it real

    Trail Breaking is a First-Person Adventure/Puzzle game set in multiple fantasy worlds. You will start your adventure as a hiker setting out on what would normally be a typical stroll on a beautiful morning. You will soon encounter a detour that will lead you from the marked trail and into a mysterious cave. Upon investigating the cave, you find a strange box. When opened, a great magical force envelopes the room drawing you into a portal. You are dropped into strange, wondrous, and dangerous new worlds. Your goal is to solve puzzles, survive, and make it to the next portal in hopes of finding the one that leads back home.

    25 june 2018, release plaza torent

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