Spenser Confidential

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    In the same shinny day when two Boston police officers are killed, an ex-cop is released from prison, he teams up with his bizarre new roommate to investigate and take down the guilty parties. The complexities of the plot revolve around Spenser’s refusal to walk away from an unjust killing (one murder was of the police captain he himself suspected of malpractice five years prior, and whom he attacked, landing him in jail). He is hated by many of the film’s key characters – prison inmates and cops (mainly, corrupt ones).

    rate imdb: 6.4 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spenser_Confidential

    The film unfolds in South Boston, where rising property prices and a casino project on the former Wonderland dog track, fuel greed and police involvement in selling drugs to obtain a share of the project. Spenser takes down corrupt police, through determination and an odd alliance with ex-con Hawk and their elderly boxing trainer, Henry. His dog, Pearl and ex girlfriend, Cissy, provide comedic elements.


    7 march 2020….best speedy/quality cu subtitrare separata

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