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    cea mai buna alternativa la Microsoft Office, mai mic si rapid, compatibil cu toate formatele office 2010/2007/2013

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    Software office Suite Softmaker Office 2016, the main development of the company Softmaker GmbH, is an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office. Office Suite in particular is necessary in organizations and at home on a personal computer to improve, optimize, facilitate the process of documenting, monitoring and accounting, the automation of office work. You, as in all known office package, you can work and share Excel workbooks, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Try Softmaker Office 2016 and you will feel that your work has become much more productive. The interface of the application package translated into many languages and Russian among them.

    Key features:
    • Low system requirements
    • The high speed of the program
    • Full compatibility with all Microsoft Office file formats
    • Support for new formats of Microsoft Office 2013
    • Save any document in PDF format
    • The ability to create a portable version
    • Built-in programming language VBA
    • A toolbar similar to the familiar and convenient interface
    • Four tools: TextMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations and BasicMaker

    New in version 2016:
    • Even faster than before
    • Flexible graphics editing with the new SoftMaker Office
    • Pivot tables and more math functions in the new version of PlanMaker
    • Preview documents and pictures before opening them
    • Charts can now be created in TextMaker and Presentations, too
    • Touchscreens, high-resolution monitors, and more
    • Huge worksheets in the new PlanMaker
    • Improved user interface in SoftMaker Office
    • The new SoftMaker Office has EPUB and enhanced PDF export
    • Extended toolbars in the new SoftMaker Office
    • The new TextMaker makes it easier to work on tables
    • Improved backup, including version management
    • Smart guides in the new version of Presentations
    • The new SoftMaker Office offers you a huge choice of first-class templates
    • SoftMaker Office 2016 has even better compatibility with Microsoft Office

    Revision 739 comes with the following improvements:
    • The file manager now also shows descriptions for DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files.
    • The dialog box Format/Character now also sorts the five most recent fonts to the top.
    • The unlock dialog now explains explicitly how to run the software as a trial version.
    • When text with varying font sizes is selected, the functions “Increase font size” and “Decrease font size” now scale each part individually.
    • The functions “Increase font size” and “Decrease font size” now also work with selected table cells.
    • The preview of large pictures has been sped up in the Insert Picture dialog.
    • The version manager now has a button for previewing documents.
    • Several additional improvements to the version manager
    • The tool for creating USB flash drive installations (usbstick.exe) now copies the correct license file to the USB flash drive.
    • TextMaker: EPUB files are now created in a way that Adobe Digital Editions lets the user change the font size when reading e-books.
    • TextMaker: Additional improvements to EPUB export
    • TextMaker: EPUB export now documented in the help file
    • TextMaker: Comments in table cells are now displayed correctly again.
    • TextMaker: The preview of numbered lists in the dialog box “Bullets and numbering” now displays the correct color even with old documents.
    • PlanMaker: The function Subtotal now also accepts the argument values 101 to 111.
    • PlanMaker: Improved and faster pasting from the clipboard
    • PlanMaker: Improvements to the opening of files with pivot tables
    • PlanMaker: When saving to PMDX and XLSX formats, formulas that were entered by the user with errors will now be handled correctly.
    • Presentations: As soon as the spell checker reaches the final slide, it continues verifying with the first slide.
    • Presentations: If you undo deleting a table column, the selection frame will now be shown correctly.
    • Additional bug fixes
    • Improvements to the file filters

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