Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

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    you may ask yourself, and rightly, if there were no wars between the stars, how do we talk about the “star wars”? …. i know, and you have perfect justice, but who will give you? … nobory, right.
    here is the catch, what you see has to do with your own human nature, this blatant lie is part of what we generically call “the human species” …. brain creations (lies) help us survive, resist the blind and cruel-ruthless reality, we eat lies to live a little longer ….. ready, that was the answer, and from now on, it depends on you, if you still accept these ridiculous fakes, or you can live without them ….. you can not, ah? …. so i was thinking, then, eat this !

    rate imdb: 6.9 –



    17 march 2020 …best speedy clean copies, cu subtitrare separata

    subtitrat romana

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