Porky's 1982-1985 classic comedy movies

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    A classic movie with high school students, divided into two levels: Virginity's Pee Wee, who enters a crisis of inferiority for other colleagues of his had already had first sexual experience, and the second group the same Pee Wee that conflict with religious fanatic Ku Klux Klan groups who imposes his beliefs in high school that teaches Billy, Tommy, Mickey, Tim, Meat, Mandy.

    Funny situations, terribly sparkling, which I hope you to enjoy over two hours.
    Distributia : Dan Monahan – Pee Wee
    Mark Herrier – Billy


    A film that deserves its place in a collection of classic films. Easy, Bild, reassuring that you can track a second time with the same pleasure as the first time.

Viewing 1 post (of 7 total)
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