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    another mambo-jumbo naive fantasy story writen for kids or for money ….”an elf (a fictional creature devised especially by writers) whose father died before he was born, uncertain of himself and introverted, Ian longs to be confident and strong and lives with the impression that he would have both qualities if he had grown up with his father. Ian has a big brother, wild and a bit chaotic, named Barley, who is a constant source of problems for Ian. Barley wants to teach his younger brother something about life, but Ian isn’t sure he really knows what he’s talking about. Ian wakes up, at the age of 16, to want – more than ever – to be better and bolder, as he imagined his father to be, and when the mother gives the boys a gift left behind by the father. dead, Barley immediately comes into play, especially as he is a big fan of their world history and the idea of ​​magic, but the spell does not work as it should and the boys destroy the stone until the process is completed. they call for the legs of their father, who are very alive and moving. And they only have 24 hours to find another gemstone and bring it back to life, otherwise they lose the only chance to know it … ”

    rate imdb: 7.5 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onward_(film)





    from bellow
    best speedy copies…cu subtitrare romana

    sau de aici, subtitrat romana

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