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    we are biological mechanisms just as robots, but it will be easy for you understand this fact, and also something very enigmatic about a brain structure called “conscience”, this is something that most primats have, it was initially formed by senses that joined their cell synapses, and evolved into what you feel now, this is what is bothering you, it is what makes you suffer in this depressive mood, and if you understand that you will suffer less, and even smile waiting for your dissapearnce

    system requirements pc: Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – Processor: Intel I5 – Memory: 4 GB RAM – Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 7750 DirectX: Version 11…….Explore the world of Mechanism, that changes based on your actions – Solve riddles with objects but be careful cause Flegma can harm not only organic things, but also robots – Game mechanics based on character’s contagion level – A lot of exploring, similar to the souls game series! Find every secret corner of a location to understand what happened with the world – The story is driven by visual narrative- Meta-narrative is inside the main story. Maybe this game is not about robots and disease at all…

    full update 1.06
    – clean steam files with steam-emu, extract and play

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