J’accuse (An Officer and a Spy (2019)

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    after the waves of pogroms from Middle Ages, antisemitism shakes up again Europe after the middle of the 19th century, mainly as a reaction of Catholics against science, progress, democratization of society and “rational logic”, immediately, some writers of light adventure novels (even some Jesuit monks) imagine infamous stories with Jews and Freemasons as negative heroes (although the Jews did not have to do with Freemasonry, some of them, a minority, however, compared to the Jewish majority that remains traditionalist) are registered in all sorts of anarchist-socialist lodges and movements. this helps the Catholics to blame all the Jews … France is one of the countries where this anti-Jewish current is rapidly igniting and encompassing the whole society, then Germany, but not England, which remains in a suspension state to this delicate subject … this is a story of a French officer of Jewish origin, called Alfred Dreyfus who falls prey to this irrational antisemitic current that made millions of victims in 20 century and it’s now again at our door

    rate imdb: 7.3
    director: Roman Polanski
    Stars: Jean Dujardin, Louis Garrel, Emmanuelle Seigner




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