Dom za vesanje (1988) Time of the Gypsies full torrent Emir Kusturica movies no online

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    i saw that movie when i was a child, and it did some magic in my naive kid mind, mixing reality with dreams is not only a movie but the way our mysterious brain works, it’s a complex life, and the way we function, maybe you nees a special birth and childhood location, cultural education to like it, so i don’t mind if you dont

    rate imdb: 8.3 – trailer

    Dom za vesanje (1988) Time of the Gypsies watch online full torrent Emir Kusturica movie
    the imagined story of a gypsy teenager with the (impossible) ability to move objects with his mind. an adult local gangster convinces him to leave his devoted grandmother and loving girlfriend, and to use his powers to make some money illegally. While becoming a man and learning the trade of crime, the boy searches for his sister (who was supposed to have a leg operation) and tries to save money to realize his fantasy of returning home to marry the woman of his dreams.





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