Disk Savvy Ultimate free download v13.0.18 full version windows 10, 8, 7 find large files folder free space disk hdd analyze ssd pc laptop

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    the spirit of your dear pc or laptop lies in hard disk…and he become sad when you run out of space, but the first thing to is to find out what is making him nervous and scared…..hehe, what folders and files are consuming most of the hard disk space .acest program va arata limpede ce foldere ocupa spatiul pe hard disk
    hard disk free space Disk_Savvy_hdd_analyze folders
    Disk Savvy Ultimate is a disk free space usage analyzer capable of analyzing disks, network shares, NAS devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with multiple disk usage analysis and file classification capabilities allowing one to gain an in-depth visibility into how the disk space is used, save reports and perform file management operations.In addition, DiskSavvy provides built-in file classification capabilities allowing one to classify and categorize files using a number of file classification plug-ins capable of recognizing more than 3,000 types of files and showing disk space usage per file type, category, file extension, user name, creation, last modification and last access time, etc. Users are provided with the ability to perform different types of file management operations on disk space analysis results, specific types of files or file categories.DiskSavvy allows one to save disk space analysis results to a number of standard formats including HTML, PDF, XML, Excel CSV, text and the native DiskSavvy report format. In addition, IT and storage administrators are provided with the ability to export disk space analysis results from multiple servers and/or NAS storage devices to a centralized SQL database and then perform advanced disk space usage history trend analysis operations and display disk space usage per server and disk space usage per user.



    calculate your space folders and free some….22 july 2020, Disk Savvy Ultimate 13.0.18
    – install, and don’t run it, or Exit, copy the activator in program’s folder: C:Program Files/Disk Savvy Ultimate/bin …and run it, scanned by me with ESET Nod32 2020

    Disk Savvy 13.0.18 portable

    bonus, FolderSizes full 2020

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