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    Based on the original novel by Paweł Leśniak, “Equilibrium”, this third-person action game resurrects the everlasting fight between light and darkness, as a full-fledged war between Angels and Demons seems imminent and our world is the proposed battleground.
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    You play as Desmond, once a bon vivant son of a rich entrepreneur. Desmond’s life has been drawn into a sequence of unfortunate events that have led him to lose most of his humanity. Making a deal with the devil, Desmond gains demonic powers, becoming the hell’s executor. He is both the destroyer and the savior, with his human part gradually deteriorating as his hunger for vengeance grows. He fights fiercely with his fists and claws, making use of the skills offered by his demonic and human side. Passing through the gates of hell and back, he will eventually have to decide about his impact on the future of humanity.



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