Coolmuster Android Assistant free download v4.7.17 full version serial crack manager recover files windows 10 application 2020

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    so, you need an assistent for your precious mobile smartphone …blonde, brunette, busty, skinny ?…nevermind, we only have a cool rational little monster…muster, whatever – Quickly push music, videos, photos, etc. from PC to your phone. – Backup and restore overall Android iphone’s data on PC with 1 click & retain 100% quality.- Add, delete, unduplicate and edit phone contacts on PC. – Send & reply text essages directly on your Computer.
    Coolmuster Android Assistant_pc_mobile_phone_manager_transfer
    Better Manage Android Data in One Place on Windows Computer! As one-stop Android managing software, Coolmuster Android Assistant is fully capable of dealing with Android media, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. in one place on your PC! It features all the functions one may require for the management on Android devices. How to Backup Android? 1 Click is Enough! Various functions of the cell phone have made certain people reluctant to separate themselves from their cell phones. They almost save all their life on the portable device and are afraid to think ahead if losing these valuable data some day. Well, why not backup your Android device to computer? – Coolmuster IOS Assistant enables you to export videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. from Android phone or tablet to computer, so that you can free up your Android space for new files. – Additionally, you can restore your Android phone from the selected or all backed-up files with one click.Want A Perfect Contacts&SMS Assistant? Here It Is! Just end your life of group text messaging or adding contacts one by one manually on your Android phone with Coolmuster Android Assistant. Exprience a new texting way here and better manage your contacts on computer. – Still using your Android phone to text to a group of people one by one to send the same message? This Android managing software enables you to send and reply SMS on computer and perform group texting at once to save time greatly. – What’s more, you are allowed to add new contacts, delete useless contacts, edit exsiting contacts and unduplicate contacts on computer conveniently. Are You An App & Media Fancier? You Can Not Miss It! If you are an app enthusiast and media fancier, Coolmuster Android Assistant will be your must-have tool because it features with all powerful functions that make you fully enjoy entertainment on the go. – Instantly download & install your favorite apps on your computer and export them to your Android SD card with a click. You can backup all or seleted apps from your Android to computer or uninstall useless apps quickly from computer. – Want to enjoy media files anytime and anywhere? Android Assistant helps you transfer your wanted music, photos and videos from computer to Android phone without any hassle. Read-only and Compatible with All Android and iphones Brands! 100% Green! After many times of testing, android assistant can be proved 100% secure and works well on almost all popular Android phones and tablets. – A wide range of Android brands are supported by this Android managing tool, including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, LG, HUAWEI, Dell and many more. – Recover photos, videos and music from Android SD cards. – Retrieve deleted contacts and text messages from Android internal memory cards & SIM cards. – Friendly UI, support all Android phones and tablets.
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    or get a free assistent..Coolmuster Android updated 23 march 2020 …full 4.7.17
    – copy the patch file in program’s folder and run it, open program and register with: email: any , code: 1111111111111111111-11111111111111111111

    virustotal on patch

    bonus, Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android full 5.1.71

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