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    I lived a normal life, work, loving wife, beloved daughter. I could not imagine what would happen on the fateful day in May 1992. My name is Henry Nelson, and I will tell you my horrible story. My wife went missing 7 years ago, a terrible accident in the inconspicuous town of Centralia
    Centralia Homecoming pc game download free steam full version crack torrent 2019

    took her life, under the city were huge reserves of coal, the whole city was covered by an underground fire. Greedy authorities drippedso deep that, according to rumors, they dug up something terrible and bad. Frightened miners provoked a fire of coal deposits. It is rumored that almost everyone who was not far from the epicenter went crazy. Centralia has become a dead city.Only a small part of the inhabitants managed to be saved, including my daughter Shirley. At the time of the accident I was on a business trip. After the disaster, my daughter,as if changed. We moved to the next state. This afternoon, on Shirley’s birthday, I went to her room and found a note in which shewrote that she went to Centralia to look for her mother. And I went for it.


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