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    a little secret from inside, very few people sentenced to prison are considering themselves guilty … that is, “yes, I know they did something crazy, but, how too many years for that” … you know, for something stupid to give me so many years? … some give blame the victim himself, that if he gave her money from the beginning he would not have had anything with her, or if he had not provoked him and he would have seen the job … the victim began to “annoy him”, ” so much ”and so on, you have to understand this phase because it is real, and somehow because it is related to this film, quite realistic despite the complexities of the case… .the counter-hero must know that they are human, although very few, about 2% I would say, who were either born with a predisposition towards sadism, (I think so) or they got it due to the environment in which they grew up, and finally, a combination between genetics and the environment, one from them you will see him in action of paranoid revenge which, although it may seem implausible, I assure you that in prison people have time to they think of all sorts of nonsense that they would otherwise not think about

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