Ashampoo Cinemagraphs 1.0.1 free download for windows 10, 8.1, 7 x64 create animations photos effects

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    in this era of simplism, photos and a few superficial reductionist words is the new way to comunicate and transmit emotions, indeed, sensations are the most important for humans, and not reason, anyway here is a software pc to create free Cinemagraphs photos, a mix of photos and videos animation images, add text, effects and many more


    Cinemagraphs are eyecatchers on homepages and social media profiles! That’s because they’re different, being neither photos nor videos. Cinemagraphs turn videos into still photos with subtle motion that feels like magic. Sure, you can use Photoshop to create them, but why bother with expensive and complicated software when you can create dazzling cinemagraphs in just minutes with Ashampoo Cinemagraph?
    Stunning cinemagraphs in a matter of minutes

    3 effects and 6 transition modes
    Stabilize shaky footage
    Rotate and crop at any aspect ratio
    Rounded corners for a special look
    Variable playback speeds for slowmo and time-lapse effects
    Add text overlays with ease
    Supports all common video formats, codecs and resolutions
    Output to animated GIF or multiple other video formats
    Create and reuse custom user presets
    Output formats: animated GIF, MP4 (H.264), WMV, Motion JPEG, WebM, OGG, uncompressed AVI

    As easy as photo editing
    All you need is a video and, of course, Ashampoo Cinemagraph. The video should contain as little camera shakes as possible, footage taken with tripods is ideal. Ashampoo Cinemagraph then gives you a brush to individually mark portions of your video that should either keep moving or stand still. Size, hardness and opacity are customizable via sliders. We believe, anyone can create stunning cinemagraphs with our software and we stand by that claim!

    More than animation
    The interplay of still and moving portions inevitable draws the viewer’s to whatever motive you seek to emphasize. Through skillful combination, multiple visual layers are possible that make for incredibly vivid photos and looped videos! Though cinemagraphs are always based on videos, your viewers will think you’ve applied Harry Potter-esque magic to breathe life into lifeless photos – also perfect as a visual climax for your videos or slideshows!

    A visual artist’s toolbox
    You decide which portions stay still and which are animated. The resulting videos create extraordinary moods and are perfect to capture those special moments! Results are exportable as GIF or video files, as needed. Export settings like size, quality and number of loops are customizable in just a few clicks and, if you like to keep the audio, you can do so.

    Video enhancements for perfect cinemagraphs
    The success of every video production largely hinges on the source material. That’s why Ashampoo Cinemagraph allows you to quickly adjust exposure and color settings. Fine-tune color saturation, adjust shadows and optimize light conditions in a flash! Use tonal correction and adjust white balance settings to make the most out of your cinemagraphs!

    Add texts and effects
    Like videos, cinemagraphs can be further polished through special effects or text overlays. Ashampoo Cinemagraph makes it especially easy to add texts or select from 23 effects with six transition effects to set the mood. Both effect strength and transitions are fully fine-adjustable, naturally. Let your creativity run wild and set accents where they’ll impress your viewers the most.

    Rotate, crop and time-adjust with ease
    This cinemagraph software is ideal to capture the perfect moment with excellent positioning and using the best format for the job. Rotate your videos freely, crop to focus on what matters and adjust aspect ratios as needed. Master time and use time-lapse and slowmo effects to vary playback speeds at the click of a button for that extra bit of magic. Naturally, your settings are saveable and reusable later.

    Stabilize shaky footage
    Camera shakes are the natural enemy of cinemagraphs. But footage shot with cellphones or action cams in particular tends to suffer from a lack of stability. Ashampoo Cinemagraph features cutting-edge video stabilization! Even handheld shots taken in motion become more steady and realistic.

    Turn videos into vivid semi-still photographs!
    Create cinemagraphs for free? No problem! Try this Ashampoo product 10 days free of charge and add 20 additional days through a free registration, if needed! Here’s your free month of stunning cinemagraphs!



    31 august 2019, full windows (only 64 bit) version with crack

    virustotal report on cracked .dll file

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